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15 April 2014

My Favourite 5 Fast Diet Recipes

To say I have Bloggers Block would be an understatement of gargantuan proportion. To say that I brain is not functioning would be a far more accurate representation of the truth. I am 95% of the way through a huge wholesale confetti-filled balloons order and it has taken over my life. It is nigh impossible to work on the order with a playful toddler around, so I have been doing lots of 2am-ers to get it done. And now my brain is mush!!! 

So please forgive me and allow me a little bit of a cheats post today, summarising my favourite Fast Diet Recipes. I wanted to share with you the five main Fast Diet Recipes that I repeat most often on a Fast Day (and to be honest, on non-Fast Days too). 


This beautiful and satisfying egg dish it so simple and so incredibly tasty that I keep making it when I need a quick and easy tummy-filler! I still haven't made it to NOPI, but it's on my list! Recipe here.

Fish Taco's

Extremely fresh and zingy, whenever we find ourselves somewhere slightly warmer than London we make these for a lighter dinner with a burst of flavour. Recipe here.

Chorizo & Butterbean Soup

Hands down the most repeated recipe I keep making at least once a week for a Fast Day. This recipe from Lavender & Lovage is just such a winner!! Recipe post here.

O'Kelly Fish

Anything that has salmon in it is going to be a meal I'm going to repeat, and this one was no exception. The flavours were incredible and was a really filling meal for a Fast Day. Recipe here.

Baked Asparagus with a Poached Egg

I made this simple meal in week 1 of the Fast Diet and the simplicity yet satisfaction is the most impressive part of this one! It has been my most popular pin on Pinterest too!! Recipe here.

So there's my current favourite 5 Fast Diet Recipes. I just realised that tomato is in each of these 5 dishes, which is ironic because I used to give tomato up for Lent each year to avoid having to eat it, and now I just love it! Even if you aren't Fasting, they are just great, healthy and delicious meals that are certainly worthy of a weeknight dinner. 

Alrighty, back to the ballooning!!!! I hope you are having a great start to the week!!!

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  1. Made the Shakshuka for me and the husband, LOVED it! Thanks for posting, will def be on our dinner rotation!

    1. Oh awesome! Thanks for letting me know, I love hearing good reports!! It's such a winner isn't it! Not at all a Fast Day meal, it is soooo good! xx


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