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25 February 2014

Fast Diet - Week 17 - #LoseDayTuesday

Week 17 of the 5:2 Fast Diet!! To find out more about it, read my original post here

It's been a good week on the Fast Diet. I feel like it's another slow start to my plateau busting attempts, but I feel like I've made some good choices and am back on the right track. It dawned on me that summer is just around the corner... the whole "summer bodies are made in winter" approach has struck a chord and gave me something new to focus on! I've never really been a frolicking bikini babe, but I do love me some sundresses, so it'd be nice to be a little more svelte!!

I am getting a little bored with Fast Day food at the moment, so am pretty excited that there's going to be a new Fast Diet Cook book out soon! Bring it on!

But until then, here's my Fast Day menu suggestions for this week:

Lunch - Two egg mushroom omelette

I made it through to 4pm without a bite to eat, but at that time, I was RAVENOUS! I was going to make a tasty big lunch, but when I figured out my dinner plan, I knew I needed a lower calorie lunch. Obviously I would normally cook the mushrooms in butter (obviously!), so they were a little more dry than normal, but that was sorted out when I put them in the omelette. 


1/4 red onion, peeled, and finely diced 
1 large mushroom, sliced
2 small Free-Range eggs 
4-6 spinach leaves
1 tablespoon grated Parmesan cheese 
salt and pepper
Oil spray


1. Quickly cook the mushrooms in a few sprays of oil, and then lightly cook the onion as well. 

2. Rinse the pan and heat it for the eggs. In a bowl beat the eggs and then pour them slowly into the pan. 

3. Swirl the eggs for the first few minutes until it starts to set.  

4. When the eggs are nearly set, sprinkle some parmesan cheese, the spinach, mushrooms and onions over one half of the omelette. Flip the other half over and cook for another few minutes until it is fully cooked through (but still a tiny bit runny). 

Dinner -  Lolo Turkey Meatballs 

Meatballs in a tomato sauce. On a Fast Day. Heck yes!

This recipe is from the Fast Diet Recipe Book and is definitely worth a calorie splurge! The standard calorie count for the recipe is 264, but I had a few extra meatballs, so am going to assume that I had closer to 330!

Recipe post here!

Total calories for the day = 500


I mentioned last week that I had discovered the Tone It Up girls, well I am a little obsessed now! 

The girls are Karena and Katrina and they are friends who have a whole empire built around them working out together. They are so strong, feminine and love pink! I find them really easy to follow and well, if I can be half as strong as they are I'd be kind of thrilled! 

I've found a few of their workouts to do at home and I just love them! In the past week I did two of the HIIT sessions, one Love Your Body Legs and Booty and one quick Love your Body Abs and Arms workout. It has taken 4 days for me to be able to squat down to pick Maddie up without my quads and hamstrings absolutely burning!! But it is such a good pain that I welcome it wholeheartedly! 

We were all too sick again on the weekend to get to the pool, so alas, no swimming again! I am so over this damp and miserable winter! It'd be so lovely to be healthy and able to exercise outdoors again!! 

Weight loss?

Total loss to date = 3.7kg (8.1lbs)

I feel like this teeny tiny loss is okay, I'm only just re-starting my Fast Diet goals, so I know it will take some time to get going again. I feel like I'm heading in the right direction again though, so am feeling optimistic that I will push through my plateau and reach some new goals in the coming months!

Goals for the coming week

My goals for this coming week are:
  • 3 Tone It Up sessions
  • One long walk
  • Swimming session (fingers crossed)
I wonder whether anyone else has any plateau-busting tips?

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  1. I have bookmarked your blog! Love it and thanks for the yummy recipes :)

    1. Thanks so much Carla, I really appreciate it!!

  2. Love watching Karena & Katrinas videos and these meals look great esp those turkey meatballs.

    1. Thanks Charmaine! I'm so glad I found them, I just think they're awesome!!!


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