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18 February 2014

Fast Diet - Week 16 - #LoseDayTuesday

Week 16 of the 5:2 Fast Diet!! To find out more about it, read my original post here

Happy Tuesday! Week 16 of the Fast Diet and a moved set of goalposts! I have had a week or so of the Fast Diet while I celebrated my 30th Birthday high up in the Swiss Alps. My 30th was the original end point and whilst I wasn't the skinny mini I was hoping to be, I have been fit and healthy and not embarrassed to wear white ski pants again! I feel like now that my Birthday has passed it is a fresh start for me though, as though starting a new decade is a clean slate and a time for setting new goals.

I'm not sure if you are aware or not, but alongside the Fast Diet exists Fast Exercise. Fast Exercise is based on HIIT, which is High Intensity Interval Training, and is designed to be short and sharp bursts of high-calorie burning exercises that can fit into any time-poor schedules. My favourite description for who this book is aimed at is "for those people who don't enjoy exercise but want to lose weight and be healthy". Hello! I was talking to my Husband about this the other day, that if I didn't need to exercise I probably never would! I don't enjoy it but know I have to do it. I have not been blessed with a fast metabolism or a thirst for sweat, but I have a hunger for good food and penchant for cellulite, so for me to not be the size of a small wool mill, I have to exercise.

I have found the Tone It Up team and just love these girls! They are so cute and to me, super motivational. I wanted a workout that I could do while my baby had her nap, in our small flat, on the second floor (i.e. nothing loud, jumpy or with equipment). I am going to get Fast Exercise and give that a go too, but I wanted to get started straight away, and so got a few workouts during a very busy week!!

I will write more about this next week, but for now, here is my menu from last week's Fast Day!

Lunch - Minted Pea & Vegetable Frittata

I love eggs, in pretty much all forms, but eggs AND potatoes is the ultimate!

This frittata is from Lavender & Lovage, who has such a great range of Fast Day meal ideas.

Dinner -  Grilled Indian Chicken 

I based this recipe on a recipe I found from but added a few extra components to make it a full meal.

I marinated the chicken in the yoghurt but added some garam masala to give it a bit of an Indian twist. I made a little Tomato & Onion salad and a side dressing with yoghurt, cucumber and mint.

If I had a BBQ or a griddle-pan I would have grilled the chicken properly, but as I have neither, I got a bit crafty with my oven. I lined a tray with aluminium foil and then placed the chicken on a cake cooling wrack on top of the bottom tray. This allowed the chicken/yoghurt to cool evenly and was the closest "Grilled" cook I could come up with!

Total calories for the day = 450


I posted this photo from the Swiss Alps of the final day of my 30 to 30 Plank Challenge

I was pretty stoked to have met this goal, to me it was a symbol of how far my health has changed in the past few years. Whilst I may not be polishing my Olympic silverware each night, I am stronger and healthier than I have been in a very long time. Going gluten free, in conjunction with the Fast Diet have really changed my health and I am pleased to be relatively pain and symptom free these days. 

Other exercise that I completed this week was two HIIT workouts, and lots of snow walking! I didn't go out of my way to exercise this weekend, but got enough during the week leading up to our trip to allow me to relax and unwind. 

Weight loss?

Total loss to date = 3.5kg (7.7lbs)

I HAVE to assume that I gained weight from our week away (potato + cheese = heavy heaven) and so to be back at my pre-swiss weight is actually a huge plus for me! I'm hoping that from here I can reset the scales and start Phase Two of the Fast Diet and get some good results in the coming months. 

Goals for the coming week

My goals for this coming week are:
  • 3 HIIT sessions
  • One long walk
  • Reformer Pilates
I hope you are having a wonderful week! Thanks for all of the Birthday messages, I feel so lucky to have had so many messages come from wide and far, thank you thank you thank you.

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  1. Mmmmm, that frittata looks fabulous! Cheese is my downfall - seriously can't have enough of it.

    1. My brother put it in my head that "cheese is chocolate" as in it is as bad for you as chocolate is, which has helped me eat cheese a little more sparingly!!! But oh yes, I'm a salt lady these days xx


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