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12 August 2013

You know you're in America when....

You know you are in America (and particularly in New York City) when....

... you are overwhelmed with choices!!!

...When, on our block alone, there's no less than three soft serve dessert choices to make every day...

I am yet to sample Off the Wall, but so far I vote Tasti D Lite for the low cal option, but Pinkberry tastes like it has real ingredients and remains delicious, so it's a tough call. Perhaps more research is required!

....When the supermarket aisle for condiments is as big as your London flat...

...When you have four different coloured to pears to choose from, each of which is perfectly ripe!

...When being gluten intolerant doesn't actually exclude you from options! We are lucky enough to have a WholeFoods on our block too, and I couldn't hide my pure joy as I walked through the store the first time! The gluten free choices just blew me away!!

And those are just the gluten free options.... imagine what the regular-food options are like!!!! It honestly overwhelmed the both of us the first time we went! 

...When food comes "literally" in baby sizes...

It is SO wonderful to have the time to explore all of these choices and to not feel like every trip to the grocery store is a chore, but wondering around in wonderment! I need to buy another suitcase just to smuggle some food home with me!!

God Bless America!

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  1. Replies
    1. Well thank you for the life sized zucchini! xx

  2. Now do you understand my love of condiments? :)

    1. I understand your love of condiment variety AND quantity!! Thinking of the teeny little dipping bowls that the UK serve ketchup in feels so inadequate all of a sudden!! xx

  3. Oh my god that last picture made me laugh!!! I think I'd be massively overwhelmed by all that choice- I struggle deciding on a normal-sized restaurant menu some days! Oh, how I wish I was there though. Glad you three are having fun! :) xx

    1. It's taken me some time to settle into all these options, I was totally overwhelmed at first! Ended up making chicken salads for four days straight before branching out and exploring my options!! How did your cupcakes go today?? Xx


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