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23 August 2013

Pulled turkey, lettuce wrap it up!

This post was initially posted two weeks ago, but for some reason reverted to my drafts.... but, here it is again!

If you follow me on Instagram you'll see that we've still been getting out and about New York and enjoying yet more frozen yoghurt!

We are staying in a wonderful corporate serviced apartment while we are in NY, but their definition of a "full kitchen" shockingly doesn't include a mixing bowl, much less a hot pink kitchenaid! So its fair to say that my dinners have been somewhat less creative, and I haven't even baked in weeks!! (I actually had to BUY a cupcake the other day, gasp!).

But I am enjoying getting some American influence into my cooking, as browsing the local WholeFoods is still pure joy and such a fun way to pass an hour on an otherwise uneventful rainy Monday. 

Mr M made a statement earlier this week that he needs to cut down on his bread intake, as he's having bagels, burgers, french toast, pancakes and a whole host of other gluten-loaded delights! I am always happen when he wants to eat less carbs so was excited when I thought of doing tacos....but with a few twists...

Twist number 1 - turkey, pulled turkey! Say what?! Does such a thing exist I hear you whisper in trepidation... it does now! And when slowly cooked with lime juice, onion and fresh coriander (cilantro) it loses the Christmas Day'ness and takes on a new kind of Mexican. There sure is a lot of turkey here, but I'm discovering that I too can love it on days other than December 25.  

Twist number 2 - where are the taco shells woman?! This may not be groundbreaking to you, but to us, having taco's without taco shells was totally something new for us. I bought a gorgeous butter lettuce and used the leaves as wraps. 

Combined with a tomato & onion salsa, shredded cheese, sour cream and guacamole, these were absolutely delicious. 

We both ate so many lettuce wraps but didn't feel full afterward (which is a good thing, and also a bad thing, as we just kept eating and eating). 

Nom nom nom....

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