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15 August 2013

An Aussie weed thriving in London - Lantana Cafe (review)

I miss home, a lot. Where home is exactly, I no longer really know, but whenever I hear the captain announce "Ladies and Gentleman welcome to Australia where the local time is 8:00am and the weather is heavenly" I cry. Ugly tears of homesickness that I had compressed for all the time since being away. 

I am going home next month for the wedding of my bestest friend everest, and can't wait to soak up as much Australia as I can in a two week period. 

Until then though, I like finding little bits and pieces of Aus on the other sides of the world, and seek them out throughout London. Even though I'm in New York now and enjoying our month of exploration, I still crave Australia wherever I go. 

We went out for brunch to Lantana in the middle of Soho, London just before we went and I thought it was definitely worth sharing, although, it took me most of the meal to get over my immense disappointment that they were out of Chai Latte's (I can't drink coffee or have chocolate and so chai's are my saviours....pity that they are really hard to come by in London - and the Starbucks version DOES NOT COUNT!!). 

I was still a little obsessed with the Corned Beef Hash that I'd had at Daylesford Organics, and so when I found one on this menu too, I thought it would be fair to compare!

It was salty and rich and topped with the most perfectly poached egg I have ever seen. The smoked tomato relish had a hint of heat to it, which really added the final flavour into each mouthful. It was simply delicious. 

Mr M ordered the corn fritters, because, well that's very Australian of him. I was somewhat disappointed with his drink order though, a blah! He could have had a Flat White for goodness sake!!! Flat whites are the Australian version of a cappuccino without the foam! This boy needs training!!

He was a little underwhelmed by the corn fritters though, which wasn't helped by the fact that I had just made the "world's best corn fritters" two nights earlier!! (and whether it was out of honesty or loyalty, he proclaimed that mine were far better). 

But it is always pleasant to Vegemite on the table, especially when it's out in public!

And so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity for baby's 1st Vegemite....although Baby M had other thoughts... no thanks Daddy!!

The service was friendly and accommodating, the food hot and satisfying, and well, I'll go back for my Chai one day! If you're wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street, head down the little laneway of Charlotte Place (off Goodge St) and enjoy a little piece of Australia, in a cafe named after an invasive weed! Thrive you good thing, thrive!!!

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  1. Glad you'll be able to go back for a little bit next month! I know what you mean, I really don't know where "home" is for me anymore either because I've been moving around so much, but I always feel a sense of comfort when I think of Michigan (where I grew up for 20 years). I bet Australia is the same for you. I'm so glad you had fun in the US! Looks like you had some good food! Did you get a chance to explore any other states aside from NY?


    PS- I dedicated my last post to you!! Thanks so much again for your gift to Grace :)


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