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15 May 2013

GF Fish & can be found!

I have finally, FINALLY found some fish & chips that is a) delicious and b) gluten free! Really good fish & chips is something that I miss from home. A lot. Brisbane seems to have an abundance of really top notch fish & chip joints that are top of our "must eat when home" lists, and we haven't even come close to matching any of them here in the UK. Until today that is. It still doesn't come anywhere near A Salt & Battery in St Lucia, but I will say that Oliver's Fish and Chips in Belsize Park, is the best we've had in London thus far.

I stumbled upon them through a Gluten-Free review from a few years ago when they were doing one day a month with a gluten free menu. It was so successful that now every Wednesday is GF day, and so today, I dragged my friend along (we weren't sure whether there would be a regular menu as well, and if not, what on earth we were getting ourselves in for) and we had some lunch. 

I order the Cod Goujons, GF, and my friend was able to order just regular Cod. 

I was so pleasantly surprised to see this arrive:

And as I cut into my Cod, I was even more pleasantly surprised so to see this:

The batter was actually light and crispy and wasn't oily. Our usual experience has been for very thick and oily batter that you leave behind and view as being a vestibule to simply keep the fish warm, not fit for human consumption. But this one was different! It had a lovely flavour, a lovely crunch and if I hadn't of been told it was GF, I would never have known. 

If you are gluten-intolerant and are looking for a good chippy in London (.......on a Wednesday), then look no further! 

UPDATE: I mad a very silly mistake and when i read the menu which said that the batter was either traditional or matzo meal, i just assumed this was the choice between regular and gluten free. Matzo meal is not gluten free. i contacted Oliver's and found out that the batter is made from a combination of GF Plain flour, GF Rice flour and Cassava flour. so what i ate WAS gluten free, but my apologies for stating it was matzo meal. xx 

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  1. Matzo meal! Who would have thought? I didn't realize that Matzo was gluten free? I've a niece with severe Celiac and her mom would love to know about Matzo as breading... Thanks for the tip!

    1. Oh gosh, it's not! I must have read the menu incorrectly! SORRY!!! I Have emailed the restaurant to find out what was used in the batter, and will update the post accordingly!! Don't get your Niece's hopes up just yet!!! xx

  2. You haven't had decent fish and chips in the UK because you aren't in Devon/ Cornwall- trust me, ours blow everywhere else out of the water ;) (but probably aren't GF... we're the back end of nowhere down here so GF is only just remotely starting to catch on here...) xx

    1. This may well be true! We definitely need to venture on down to your neck of the woods and sample some! I'll be sure to lobby a few chippy's before I come, get them all clued in about GF! Any favourite haunts to try?? xx


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