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14 May 2013

DIY Cake Stands

It's our baby's first birthday in a month and so I'm trying to tick off little projects ahead of time to make sure everything is how I pictured it to be for her. And no birthday party is complete without a cake stand or ten!

I sure wish I was the first to come up with this idea. Or even the 20th person, but I'm pretty sure if its featured on Martha Stewart's Craft Department website, I'm probably closer to the millionth person to do this! But hey, I still think they are really cute and so clever, and I'm sure I won't be the last to give this a go either.

All you need is three things:
1) a base, be it a candlestick, eggcup, regular cup, anything at the height you desire
2) a serving platform, be it a plate, mirror, glass dish, upside down baking dish
3) some glue (hot glue gun works the best)

And then, it really is as simple as gluing 1 to 2! Done!

I made one large cake stand using a mirror plate and candlestick, and a small breakable one for Baby M, using a plastic plate and eggcup (which I coated in glitter first).

I traced the candlestick/eggcup onto the mirror/plate and put a rim of glue on the platform as week as the base, but I wouldn't next time, as it was too much glue and is now not 100% flat.

Matching nail-polish...optional!

Don't they look kind of cool? I can't wait to make another few and then continue menu planning for some tasty treats to fill them all with!!


  1. Very cute! Where did you get the glitter egg cup? Did you DIY as well? I also get a little flip in the stomach when my nail polish matches! One day it matched my orange purse that I haven't used in years (it is tiny and doesn't hold diapers, diaper wipes, sandwiches, toy cars, water bottles, etc) and I was thrilled to be so cute...not only with small orange purse but matching toenail polish :-)
    I need to make one as Isabel's birthday is coming up soon. What kind of glue did you use? Super?

    1. Hi Andrea! Yep, I DIY'd the egg cup first. I used a hot glue gun, which make things like this incredibly easy. I'm sure super glue would be okay, but super glue is so thin, it would work better to have the thick hot glue so you can really squash them together! Gosh, Izzy is turning four, that's so grown up!! xx

  2. This is such a brilliant idea! Cake stands can be so expensive, this would be a great way around that! xx

    1. I know, right? I've had my eye on a mirror cake stand that is about £45, and so I made this one for a grand total of £3.95 (bargain store plate and old candlestick). Plus you can really customise it too! Xx

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