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17 April 2014

Maple Bacon Fudge

It's fudge time.

It's Easter time.

They go one go hand in hand!

Every year it has been our tradition at Easter time that Husband and I would bake fudge (to make me less mopey about being allergic to chocolate).

We really only ever make it just this one time of the year, so whenever I send him a photo of fudge on the stove, he knows Easter is near!

But I wanted to introduce you to something kind of amazing this year....

I used my trusty old basic fudge recipe and then added some maple-candied-bacon at the end. 

Dice finely 3 rashes of bacon and cook until crispy. You want it to be super crunchy so that it candies in the maple syrup. Add two tablespoons of maple syrup and let it bubble for about a minute. Strain and let cool, this will candy the bacon. 

When the fudge is cooked and poured into a small dish, mix through the candied maple bacon and then set in the fridge for a few hours. 

And then let the flavour explosion in your mouth start!!!

The salty/crunchy/sweet/velvety combination is like brunch in bite!

But just in case people are hesitant to try, I also have some trusty salted caramel fudge, which, of course, is also glittered!!!!

Do you have any fun Easter traditions? 

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  1. Meg!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness. Why did you do this to me?! I have got to make this!

    * Maple (I'm Canadian so there's an intense love for maple there)
    * Bacon (I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to bacon
    * Fudge (one of my favourite sweet treats)

    This to me... is perfection. Pinning!

    Thanks for sharing. I'm so excited!

    1. Hehe did you make it over Easter?? Or are you waiting for the chocolate to be depleted before you give it a go??? xx

  2. Ummm, what's a rash? A package?

    Also... you've created a Pinterest dilemma here; delectable desserts board or bacon board. Hmmmm.

    1. Oh, oops, you've stumbled on another Aussieism - - A "rasher" is a strip of bacon! I see it made it to delectable desserts, always a good choice, but I would have recommended your "money saving ideas" board because one batch of fudge will sustain you for a month!!! xx

    2. Thanks Meg. I shall now make this!

    3. I made it! I love it! I have eaten FAR too much of it!

      Thanks again Meg.

  3. My two favorite flavors. Swooning. Thanks for adding this fabulous recipe to Foodie Friday! Happy Easter.

    1. Thanks so much Michael! I love Foodie Friday, and love having something to contribute!!! :) xx


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