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01 August 2013

meg-made has gone international!

This time last week we were booking our travel for London to France for a little summer trip for 4 nights later this month. And then Mr M came home from work and informed me that we'd have to cancel all these plans as we would be in New York! Time for new plans. I had five days to organise myself, Mr M, Baby M and meg-made to be in New York for a month!

Oh and to leave my flat in B&B condition for my Brother to come and stay!

I was a bit worried about the flight with a walking but not yet talking, toddler! We've done a lot of travel with her as a baby, but knew it would be more challenging now. But bubbles and a seat for baby sure made a difference, cheers to travelling with work!

The flight turned out to be ok, although it was a very long day! As we pulled up to our hotel i spotted a Gluten Free Cakery straight across the street (over the SUV, hehe) and couldn't have been happier that it was still open at 8pm!!

Waking up in the City That Never Sleeps I was pretty glad that we had all slept for 10 hours and was excited to be in The Big Apple.

I can't wait to explore all the Gluten Free options in New York, to go to Mood Fabrics in the Garment District, and set up a little home away from home for my family.

First order of the day, figure out the US postal service so that meg-made orders can still be filled on schedule!

After getting some Chipotle of course!!

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  1. We just got back from flying for our second time with our little one. First flight nine months, second flight 13 months. It was a lot easier before he started turning in to a toddler!

  2. So awesome! I'm looking for your Meg-Made New York posts. Have a lovely vacation (and enjoy some Gluten-free treats for me).

    Can your husband travel to Alberta sometime? It would be so neat to meet my blogging buddy.

    Have a lovely day.


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