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18 February 2013

Pulled Beef Lasagne

So everyone has made and eaten a thousand lasagne's right? I know I must have, but I finally made a new one, and now, it will be the only one!!

I've become a little obsessed with slow cooking meat. It is the only way to eat a lot of the meat in the UK (horsemeat scandal aside, its just not that great) and is the easiest way for me to organise cooking dinner with a little baby. I find that if I put the meat on in the middle of the day and leave it (and in this case, TOTALLY forget about it and go to an exercise class with the stove still on.....oops) and then 5 hours later the meat is ready for whatever you need it for.

I browned the outsides of the meat quickly over high heat first and then lowered the heat to a simmer, for 5 hours! I cooked the beef in chunks with two tins of tomato, fresh tomato, onion and some seasoning. It was then tender enough for me to pull apart with two forks and spread between lasagne sheets and bechamel sauce. 

I definitely preferred the lasagne like this with real meat rather than mince, especially as it had a more authentic and rustic flavour that we both really enjoyed. 

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