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09 May 2012

Play cube

I have a few pieces of fabric that I am so in love with but am saving for a special project (which I am yet to have thought of). Until then, I thought I could spare a few small squares and create an interactive toy for our little girl.

I've been wanting to make something to attach to the arm of the highchair we have, and the ideas started lulling around my absent-minded head yesterday. Well, in actual fact, they started lulling at Easter when I saved the little bell from the Lindt bunny I got Pete, thinking that I would be able to use it someday. Hello someday!!

Here is the little play cube I made....

There is a bell that jingles around the cow (sewed on and reinforced like concrete)....

There are ribbon tags for pulling at....

And there is a butterfly with crinkly wings to tickle!

I made the wings from two pieces of fabric sewed together with two small pieces of tissue paper. The tissue paper was easy to sew through and makes the perfect crinkle sound!

Attached with an elastic-ribbon with poppers so that it can go on the highchair arm, the pram, or wherever else we need it to go! Cute huh!?


  1. Love this Meg, you should start your own Etsy store.

  2. Adorable! I agree with Alana, you should start your own etsy store!

  3. for a more durable "crinkle" use foil like what you get from the florist around flowers

  4. Oh wow that is so cute. I saw a doorstop you made with black and white fabric on another blog - any chance you would make one of those to order? Thanks

  5. Hi there

    Thanks for your enquiry about the doorstop I made. I am about due to have my baby so have unfortunately packed up my sewing machine and taking it easy for the last few days/weeks. I have intentions of sewing bits and pieces in the coming months though, so if you are still interested then, please let me know. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful right now.

    Thanks!! Meg


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