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25 June 2014

Carrot Cake Shots (Gluten Free)

There is something entirely charming about dessert in a shot glass isn't there.

I started doing it a few years ago, and can't seem to stop!

For Madeleine's Birthday Party a few weekends ago, there was a theme of Bunnies, and so I had lots of different "bunny-inspired" treats for the afternoon.

And well, what's more "bunny" than carrot cake?!

And what is the very best part of a carrot cake?

The cream cheese icing of course.

So, why not up the ratio of icing to cake with these adorable and delicious Carrot Cake Shots!

I've blogged about Raspberry & Gold Leaf Creme Brûlée for Maddie's 1st Birthday: and Lemon Meringue Shooters when I catered a baby shower a year ago and I decided it was time to add another to my repertoire!

I posted this Gluten Free Carrot Cake recipe back in February and have been eager to bake it again ever since!

I baked the cake as one large round cake, and then used round cutters to fit the pieces to size inside the shot glass.

These were the absolute stars of Maddie's party. I really should have made double the amount, they were snapped up way too quickly!! It seems two each just wasn't enough!!!

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  1. I'm in love with these! And yes, I'm in complete agreeance with you about desserts in shot glasses! THE BEST INVENTION! But the one thing I cannot stop obsessing about is your toppers! They are way too cute! Did you make them yourself or buy them?!

    1. Thanks Alfa! I did make them myself, and will be putting some In my Etsy store next week actually, so check back then if you're interested! xx


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